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The quality of a building’s IT & AV are key to it being commercial, competitive and efficient. We help you get yours right.

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Whether you’re relocating, refurbishing or building from scratch, you’ll see tangible benefits from our experience and expertise.

Our holistic approach increases your business performance, improves your building’s efficiency, encourages new ways of working, enhances the client experience and more…

And, because we stay in the know about tech trends, your building will be fit for purpose now and for many years to come.

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Hotel tech trends that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon

From streamlined operations to remote check-ins, check out these hotel tech trends that hoteliers should ignore at their peril.  Now that people have smart TVs and bluetooth speakers at home, they have much higher expectations from the hotels they visit. Impressive technology is now essential to ensuring guest satisfaction.  To remain competitive, hoteliers must adopt […]

Maintaining a strong team culture during hybrid working

Hybrid working has atomised our workforce — how do we maintain a strong, cohesive culture among disparate teams? Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, once said: “Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.” Airbnb recently announced that its employees can now live and work anywhere in the world. It’s a […]

How smart buildings can help save the world

Infrastructure and technology must play their part to prevent a global catastrophe. On 28th February this year, an urgent new UN report announced that the effects of climate change are worse than we thought. Once again, the vital need for global action was brought to our attention.  Alok Sharma, who led the COP26 climate summit […]