About Us

We’re not your average tech consultancy. But you’re not looking for average solutions, are you?

Although our work is influenced by proven structures for success, we remain flexible and adaptable in our approach. Every project is viewed with a fresh pair of eyes, producing unique outcomes for each client.

Who we are

We’re an expert technology consultancy specialising in IT, AV and smart building systems for real estate occupiers, owners and developers. We cover all stages of a project, refresh or client lifestyle and assist with office relocations and refurbishment.

We are not your run of the mill IT and AV consultancy, we work closely with our clients to ensure we achieve their vision perfectly every time. We continuously analyse and adapt the way we work in order to improve what we are able to deliver.

Why us

The Blacktip approach is hallmarked by an uncompromising commitment to excellence. We’re devoted to quality and dedicated to delivering real-world results.

The moment we take on your project, we adopt your goals as our own, working closely with you to understand your vision before helping you realise it.

Nothing is made more complicated than it needs to be. We take the complexity away from our clients and provide them with a simple roadmap to their desired outcomes.

It’s our mission to make sure technology works for you: as an asset, not a liability. So you know we’ll offer the optimal solution to every challenge and seek ways that tech can return value to your organisation.

We work hard, we’re willing to help, and we always set the standard for best-in-class practices. We appreciate collaboration that allows us to continue growing and succeeding together.

We work with you from the design stage all the way through to procurement and implementation, with an approach that places people and how they interact with technology and space at the heart of our design process.

Our goals

We aim to consistently exceed our client’s expectations by providing technology services that deliver tangible improvements to their business. Blacktip consists of hard-working and skilled individuals who consistently exhibit their expertise and willingness to help.

We are always looking to grow, succeed and adapt to the ever changing world of technology, so we always welcome discussion and appreciate feedback so we can continue to grow and improve.


Sustainability is something we know as a company we need to play our part in. Not only is this important for us, it’s just as important throughout all of the projects we work on for our clients. Through reducing travel, going paperless and building robust infrastructure to future proof our clients buildings, we are contributing to making a change!

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