Data Centre

The data centre industry has seen rapid growth in recent years. The exact rate of expansion is staggering. New centres are being built all over the world to meet the ever-growing demand.

We have specialist knowledge of the data centre sector. We understand how the design must meet your needs and we possess the expertise to handle the intricacies involved in implementing hyperscale data centre technology at speed.

The industry is rich with complexity and abundant with regulations. Process and procedure are paramount. Every decision matters. We’ll help you make the right choice at every step of the process.

In the data centre world, tomorrow is just as important as today. That’s why we focus on creating something that meets your needs now and for years to come.


  • Project & Programme Management
  • Vendor Procurement
  • Technology Move Management
  • Site Selection & Technical Due Diligence
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Physical Security
  • Networking
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Hospitality is a huge industry. Competition is fierce and customer expectations are higher than ever.

At a premium level, your ability to offer extremely personalised service gives you a competitive edge.


Real Estate Developments

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a base build or stripping your office building back to a shell and giving it a much-needed refurb, we can help.



Our team are masters at designing multi-functional, multi-purpose light, sound and security systems for sports stadiums. The result is a thrilling spectator experience.


Life Sciences

The more we can provide smarter tech solutions that allow scientific buildings to function effectively and efficiently, the faster the world can move towards new medical discoveries, environmental solutions and a greater understanding of life itself.



Shopping centres and high streets worldwide are engaged in an ongoing battle against online shopping. The COVID-19 pandemic only widened the gap between the two.

We’ll help you use tech to turn your retail experience into something the online world can’t compete with.



For many organisations, the quality of your workplace is a key factor in attracting and retaining the brightest and best staff.

Whether you’re building a workplace from the ground up or adapting your current space to the post-COVID ways of working, we’re here to help you get the most out of your technology.


Major Projects

Characterised by their size and level of complexity, major projects are a mammoth undertaking. Some take the best part of a decade to complete.

Our major projects expertise crosses multiple sectors and covers many different regions.


Fulfilment & Logistics

Distribution and logistics centres rely heavily on technology. From robotics right through to security systems and automated processes, tech is essential for smooth and speedy operations.

Whether you’re building from scratch and want tech solutions tailored to your every need, or you’re looking to optimise the systems you already have, we can help.



From schools and colleges to university campuses, tech helps students and teachers alike.


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