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Technology Project Management

Our specialist consulting team helps you get your IT & AV planning right, so your building will be fit for purpose both now and in the future.

Project & Programme Management

Making it all happen

From concept to completion, we’ll be there to make sure everything is delivered on time, to plan and within budget.

Project and programme management is one of the most crucial aspects of a project. Without skilled management, disaster can ensue. Projects end up overrunning and over budget, and buildings underperform — or even worse, they don’t do what you want at all.

Technology interfaces with almost every element of a built environment. Our project management approach ensures coordination between project teams, clients and external parties to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience covers the majority of sectors and regions throughout the world.

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Vendor Procurement

Taking care of the tender process

As part of our involvement in your project, we can take control of the technology tender process to make sure you get the people, materials and services you need.

We’re not partnered with any suppliers and have no vested interest in who the contracts go to. So you can be sure you’re getting honest, unbiased advice.

After vendors are procured, we’ll make sure everything is delivered on schedule so your project is completed on time, within budget and without delay.

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Technology Move Management

Whatever the move, make it smooth

Technology move management involves taking anywhere from a handful of people to thousands of workers and moving them from one location to another. It may also include completely restacking a building or even bringing a new building online.

For a move to go smoothly, coordination is required from various stakeholders. The more planning you do, the fewer issues you’ll have.

We’ll create a meticulous move management plan, tailored to your specific relocation. We’ll identify the entire scope of work both before and after the move, delegate tasks and make sure everything has a process.

When we’re done, you’ll have a place for everything and everything in its place.

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Soft Landings & Post Occupancy Evaluations

Because no one likes a bumpy landing

Extracting optimal performance from a new building doesn’t end at Practical Completion.

Soft landings and Post Occupancy Evaluations make sure there is a smooth transition when buildings move from construction to occupancy and use.

Building systems, operations and user behaviour must be brought together through an adoption strategy. Otherwise, the running costs, occupier satisfaction and performance will be impacted, as well as people’s health, safety and comfort.

A Post-Occupancy Evaluation highlights any immediate issues that can be dealt with and identifies gaps that affect the building’s operation.

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Why Blacktip?

Honesty and integrity

We are honest and open, and we genuinely care about the outcome a client is trying to achieve. People trust us to adhere to our word and we hold ourselves to a high standard of fairness, honesty and integrity. We make sure that we always communicate our nature and intentions.


What we do, we do well, and we won’t settle for anything less than excellence. Perceived quality is one of the main elements when measuring brand equity, and also one important factor which makes consumers select a particular brand in front of its competitors.


We are dedicated to your project as if it was our own because we want to be proud of everything we do. It is important to us that we see it succeed so we use all of our resources to ensure that this happens.


At Blacktip we know that success is a group effort, so we leverage collective genius by involving each of our team members to ensure we’re delivering the best results possible. We also work with our clients to understand their vision and to ensure they’re happy with our progress.

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